“You’re Hired!”


After struggling through multiple horrible jobs he saw my frustration and told me to quit and come and work for him in the new business he started.

— Turtledove

Postscript: Two and a half years later we are happier than ever.

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“Table for Two”

best of sweet

I was interested in this guy at work. I was the bar manager and he was a bartender so we did inventory together. One night after coming upstairs from the office he surprised me by setting up a table in the restaurant with candles and some great Italian food and wine glasses that had water in them.

— Gina

Postscript: After two years of dating we got married.

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“Won over the girls”


My girlfriends met him and they all liked him and couldn’t have been happier for me.

— RMD 717

Postscript: We were together seven years but then grew apart and broke up.

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After a year and half of threatening to break-up every week, suddenly I found everything she did and said adorable.

— Prick Diggler

Postscript: Three years later we are living together and I’ve never been happier or had a better friend and partner.

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“I’ll be home for Christmas”

best of sweet

We’d been dating two months when he went home to Ireland for the holidays. He missed his flight back and paid an extra $800 to be with me on Christmas Eve.

— Kristen

Postscript: We’ve been married six years and have two children.

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“Mr. Instant”


It was instant attraction for both us. He was beyond attentive for three years.

— Barbie Doll

Postscript: He met another woman and out of nowhere told me we shouldn’t see eachother any more. Guess it was instant for them too.

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“Old and Fat”

best of sweet

I instantly felt a connection and was completely attracted to her when we met in high school. She undeniably became my best friend. All through high school we dated other people, but every time we would talk I would feel the connection. My junior year of high school, I said to her, “We are going to grow old and fat together, watch.” She told me that she knows we will, and kept reminding me that we will ever since then.


Postscript: We didn’t actually start dating until 2 years after high school due to minimal contact. But, we have been dating for over a year now and are still going strong. She still is my best friend. She is the the girl that I am undoubtedly in love with. And yes, we still plan on growing old and fat together.

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