best of sweet

I was camping with some friends of mine. A retreat with just us girls, a solidarity thing. I went out on the porch to call him from one of the girls’ phones, and his voice shut out the world.


Postscript: I knew then I was sunk.

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“Mouth Watering”

best of sweet

Three days after our Craigslist e-mail conversations, we had a sushi dinner date. Neither of us wanted a relationship so our walls were down and our true personalities showed. We spoke of tattoos, oranges, unagi and other random topics.

In the middle of the meal he gulped his water and then allowed it to dribble onto this shirt. Yes, he purposely drooled on himself. Rather than being mortified, I laughed.

When I got home that night and recapped the night to family, I stated that he was the cutest nerd I had ever seen. I thought to myself I could definitely see myself being with him for a long time if not forever. I was right.

—Curly K

Postscript: Three years later we’re so very in love, married and loving life together.

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“Almost Got Away”


We met online, then phone, we met up for a date. He had all the qualities I had been looking for and when he kissed me not even 10 minutes after meeting me, I knew this was something special. Everything with him was comfortable, like it was meant to be. We had another date on Friday and then on Monday, he called me on his lunch and said he just didn’t feel excited like he thought he should be about a new relationship. He wanted to stay friends and hoped I would keep in touch. I was devastated and hurt far more than I thought I should be. After a few days, I called him and asked if we could just continue to hang out without worrying about putting a label on what we were doing. Two months later, he asked if I would come meet his friends since we were dating now. He just slipped it in the conversation and I just smiled and said sure. And we’ve been together ever since.


Postscript: It’s been 9 months and we now live together. He told me later that he realizes now that he saw the possibility of what could be and it scared him. He thought about how it would hurt if it didn’t work out and ran from us. He has told me so many times how thankful he is that I stuck it out. I’ve never been more in love and we’re planning on getting married some day.

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“Same wavelength”


We talked on the phone every day for hours. I told her everything I was ever thinking, and she did the same. It got to the point where we knew exactly what the other was thinking/feeling.


Postscript: We were together almost 2 years, but distance and college got the best of us. I still hope to spend the rest of my life with her.

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“The Look”


My boyfriend isn’t one to show his insecurities. Yet, one night, while we were lying in bed, he looked at me. He looked so happy and blissful and was showing a side of him that looked so vulnerable. I knew he loved me and after continuously surprising me…I knew he was the one. And how in love I felt.


Postscript: We are still going strong, and talk about our future together. I still can’t believe out of 6 billion people, I got to find him and how surreal it can sometimes feel.

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“Making Me Dinner”


We were just standing there in the kitchen, he was making me dinner at his place. I looked at this man and thought to myself, “This is someone I could build a life with…”

— Jess

Postscript: I moved from Chicago to Wisconsin to be with this man, and couldn’t be happier!

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The first day I met her was in Atlantic City, we walked the boardwalk together until the sun came up. I fell for her that night. I didn’t have the guts to tell her until six months later. On our first date, I placed candles in my house and served her dinner.


Postscript: She cheated on me and everything about her was a lie.

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