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“The Planner”


He started making our dates mini-adventures…kyaking, hiking, picnics…it was fun and exciting. I was impressed.

— Enforcer 007

Postscript: He was having an equally fun and exciting relationship with my best friend.

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“Sick Girl”

best of strange

I got the flu really bad and threw up all over the floor. He held my hair, wiped my tears and kissed my pukey face. Then he put me to bed and cleaned the whole thing up, including my clothes.

— Sick Girl

Postscript: Four years later he’s still taking care of me.

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After a year and half of threatening to break-up every week, suddenly I found everything she did and said adorable.

— Prick Diggler

Postscript: Three years later we are living together and I’ve never been happier or had a better friend and partner.

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“Death Metal Devotion”

best of surprising

He wrote me a terrible death metal love song and played it for me on his guitar. The music was horrifying but I knew he loved me.

— Michelle

Postscript: Sadly he passed away…

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“Aunt Flow”

best of surprising

The first night I slept over I got my period and bled all over his white sheets. I was mortified. He said “No biggie, that’s what detergent is for,” and made me breakfast.

— Red

Postscript: We were together for a while but it didn’t work out. He’ still a great guy though. No hard feelings.

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“Super Freak”

best of sexy

After a few dates we finally had sex and it was EPIC! She’s a FREAK!

— B to the Ryan

Postscript: Still freaky and I’m shopping for rings!

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“I’ll be home for Christmas”

best of sweet

We’d been dating two months when he went home to Ireland for the holidays. He missed his flight back and paid an extra $800 to be with me on Christmas Eve.

— Kristen

Postscript: We’ve been married six years and have two children.

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