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“Out of the closet”


He finally came out to his parents about being gay after two years of dating.

— Danny

Postscript: Problem was he wouldn’t come out to his friends…we broke up after three years.

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“Everlasting Gobstopper”

best of strange

I was having a bad day at work and muttered “Strike that, reverse it,” from Willy Wonka. He heard me as he walked by and said “Willy Wonka is my favorite movie.”

I said “Me too.”

He said “I think I have to marry you.”

— Que Bella

Postscript: We dated for 10 years but had to end it because we were too much alike. It was like the Seinfeld episode with Jerry and Janeane Garafolo.

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“Mr. Instant”


It was instant attraction for both us. He was beyond attentive for three years.

— Barbie Doll

Postscript: He met another woman and out of nowhere told me we shouldn’t see eachother any more. Guess it was instant for them too.

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“More today than yesterday…”


I didn’t realize how much I loved him until we came full circle and our children left the house.

— Betty

Postscript: After 40 years of marriage we have five children, 15 grandchildren and eachother to hold. I love him more than ever.

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best of surprising

I only knew him for two weeks but was so smitten I left the country with him to visit his family. I lost my passport and we were stranded for six months.

— Sucker

Postscript: He is still the same wonderful man that I met that first day and 18 years and five kids later we are still together.

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“Gag reflex”

best of strange

He was a boy that played in a church band, was a year older and amazing. I’d seen him at church all the time and thought he so cute. We were miraculously in the same biology class and my heart just turned over when as we were dissecting a pig he said “Smile , it stops the gag reflex.” And then proceeded to smile . No words could be sweeter. No expression more beautiful. No sense of love has overcome me like this.


Postscript: He still doesn’t know who I am. Well, not really anyway. But he’s amazing no matter. My hope is in the idea of one day….

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“Old and Fat”

best of sweet

I instantly felt a connection and was completely attracted to her when we met in high school. She undeniably became my best friend. All through high school we dated other people, but every time we would talk I would feel the connection. My junior year of high school, I said to her, “We are going to grow old and fat together, watch.” She told me that she knows we will, and kept reminding me that we will ever since then.


Postscript: We didn’t actually start dating until 2 years after high school due to minimal contact. But, we have been dating for over a year now and are still going strong. She still is my best friend. She is the the girl that I am undoubtedly in love with. And yes, we still plan on growing old and fat together.

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