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“Indoor Parking”


We talked about living together but when he bought a condo he didn’t mention me moving in. I didn’t want to press him but wondered where things were going. One night, soon after, I came over and while he was running off the list of things he did that day he threw in that he had bought an additional parking space for me. I moved in that week.

— Natalie

Postscript: Two years later we still live very well together. And anyone from the Midwest can appreciate the value of indoor parking for winter.

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“It might have been”


Since I met her it was as if we’d known eachother our whole lives.

— Dan

Postscript: We remain friends. I’m hopeful it will return to what it was.

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“The Office”

best of sexy

I liked her for several months. Flirty text back and forth always so secretive. She was working for me for a month, filing mostly. She sat on my desk one night, straddling my keyboard!!! She made some comment about how she always has to make the first move!!! When she unbuttoned my pants she turned red and gushed!!! Haven’t had a lonely night since!!

— lalsplows

Postscript: I am the happiest I have ever been, meeting the love of my life during a late night office hook up!!!

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“Motorcycle Mamma”

best of sweet

He came up to me at work and said he noticed I rode a motorcycle. He said he did too and wanted to show me his bike. We went outside and it was an old beat up bike but I couldn’t help but smile at the pride he took in it and that he had re-built it himself.

— MJ

Postscript: Two years later we are together and expecting our first child.

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“Taco Bell Lust”


I realized I wanted to have sex with him everywhere…outside, in the car, behind Taco Bell…I’d do anything for him…

— Victoria

Postscript:  …including max out my credit card to bail him out. He stole from me, cheated on me and broke my heart.

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“The Giver”


He knew I was an insomniac so he would give me a “light touch” massage every night before bed to help me relax until I fell asleep. It spoke volumes about his giving nature.

— Kate

Postscript: As giving as he was, he was also a liar. It ended one month shy of our two-year anniversary.

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“Shoes are a girl’s best friend”


He built me a shoe rack. Eat your heart out Imelda Marcos.

— Morgan

Postscript: We’re engaged.

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