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“More Than Yes”


After months of being in denial about how I felt, I finally asked “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” And the way her face lit up told me so much more than, “Yes.” And I only hope she got what I was really thinking too.


Postscript: We’ve been dating for seven months, and even though that’s not a very long time, she’s absolutely the light of my life.

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“Every single time.”

best of sweet

Every time I hear a love song on the radio in a store or anywhere, I get butterflies, think of him and smile. Every single time. It still happens.


Postscript: We’ve been together almost two years and I am convinced that he is my soulmate. Until forever ends.

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“There he was”


Me and this guy have been friends for over 3 years now and each day I fall harder and harder for him…I told myself that I could move on once he told me he loved me…Well I was wrong. I couldn’t move on. The moment he told me he loved me was when I finally fell and hit the ground. We aren’t together, but I wish we were. I could keep trying, but I know one day he will see what he is missing…


Postscript: Later that day he looked at me as we were singing and said are you gonna kiss me or not? I kissed him and now we are together :)

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“Hate turned into love”


We grew up together in Iraq, but when I turned 6 years old we moved from there. 10 years later he sent me a friend request on Facebook, and after looking at his pictures and his updates, I just didn’t like this guy. Even though he was very good looking, something about him annoyed me. Every time we talked I found him very funny and entertaining, but somehow I couldn’t stand him. A year after that we met on the dance floor at a friend’s wedding. It was love at first sight, just looking at his eyes changed my whole view of him.


Postscript: I found out that he hated me to, but seeing me on the dancefloor changed his mind about me. We’re now engaged and plan to get married. I love him so much.

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“Dying for love”


After a terrible first date, I reluctantly agreed to go on a second date because we worked together and I didn’t want it to get awkward. During dinner he choked on his food and almost passed out. After I finished laughing I choked on mine and nearly passed out. We spent the rest of the night watching YouTube videos on our phones in a Wal Mart parking lot.


Postscript: We’ve been together for almost 7 months and plan on moving in together this summer.

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“Hot for Teacher”


It was love when I took his class. He was my professor in college, and there was no avoiding the connection that blossomed. Music, movies, techonology, and education – we haven’t spent more than 3 weeks (accumulated) apart in 7 months.

—Hannah D

Postscript: We love each other like no other.

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“That’s the ticket”


I had an extra opera ticket I couldn’t use, so I advertised online for someone to use it. The woman who answered the ad came over to the house; we talked for 8 hours. We never made it to the show and became lovers the next week.


Postscript: We are getting married this summer. Pretty good trade for Gotterdamerung.

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